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Resident Resources

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Utility Bills

New residents must contact city hall to set up their utility account.  A $75 deposit is required from all new renters and property owners.  If the account is paid on time for 12 consecutive months and no penalties are accumulated, the deposit will be credited to your utility bill on the 13th billing cycle.

City residents are billed monthly for water, sewer, trash and yard waste pick-up. As set forth by City Ordinance, the base fee is charged monthly regardless of occupancy or usage. Bills are mailed on or before the first of each month and Due by the 15th of the month regardless of the day of the week. After the 15th of the month, a 10% penalty is added to the balance.

A secure drop box is located outside the main doors on the west side of City Hall for customer convenience.

Utility bills may be paid at city hall or over the phone with a debit or credit card. 

A nominal fee of 3% or minimum of $2 is charged by the processing company for utilizing this payment option, which is not collected by the City of Perry.

Direct Debit (ACH) is also available for paying monthly bills. Mail to/drop off completed forms at city hall. *NOTE: Please allow two weeks to one month to implement the first automatic payment withdrawal.


Weekly Trash Pickup

Trash removal is included with the monthly utility bill and is currently billed at $8.50 per customer per month. Trash is picked-up every Monday, and should be placed at the curb before 7 a.m. If Monday is a holiday, trash may be picked-up the following day.  A change in the pick-up date is generally posted on this website, at City Hall, and on the City’s Facebook page. Trash must be in plastic bags weighing 35-pounds or less. Customers are allowed six bags per week: three bags inside the cart and three bags next to the cart.  Trash pick-up includes household wastes ONLY – NO yard waste and NO construction materials.

View this helpful guide on how to place your cart for collection day.

For disposal of large items, persons must contact city hall (517-625-6155) on or before the Friday prior to the Monday trash pick-up. Large (bulk) items will be picked-up Tuesday (MUST BE PRE-REGISTERED) and billed when the bill is received from Granger.

Can the resident use their own container along with the Granger container?

Yes they can use their own personal container for the 3 bags that will be allowed on the outside of the cart. A total of 6 bags (3 inside and 3 outside of the cart) is allowed per customer.


However, Granger is not responsible for personal containers. Personal containers will wear out over time and can become brittle in cold weather. Granger also asks that everything in the personal container will be in trash bags.


Placing the containers 2 feet apart is a good practice to follow, however, if it sets further than that the driver will assume that what is in the container is not meant for him and he will leave it.

If a resident would like two containers, will they be charged for a second one?

Yes. Call City Hall to request a second cart be delivered by Granger. Your utility bill will reflect a double (12-bags) trash billing.

Will Granger pick up old personal containers or will this be considered a bulk item? How will they distinguish that the container is trash?

Yes, Granger can pick up un-wanted personal containers. The customer will need to place a note on the container asking Granger to take it. 

There will be no additional charge for taking a customer's personal container.

Which holidays will affect my service?

Granger recognizes the following major holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

All Granger offices and operations are closed for these holidays. Curbside collections for the day of a holiday and each day following, during that week, will be delayed by one day. If the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, there are no closings or service delays.

How should I set my Curby Cart out?

What should I do if my cart breaks?

Luckily, having cart service with Granger means your cart will be replaced free of charge anytime it breaks.


That's also why it's a good idea to have a Granger cart instead of using a personal container. Carts are commercial-grade containers that are made to put up with the wear and tear of being serviced every week. Personal containers are not as durable. They're more easily broken and that's why Granger can't be responsible for them.


If your Curby Cart is in need of repair, call Granger (1-888-9GRANGER -- 1-888-947-2643) or send a message to Granger ( and another cart will be delivered on the next delivery day.

What should I do if my cart smells? Get a new cart?

Your Curby Cart is bound to smell less than pleasant at some point. That's what happens when you put trash in something. Carts are not replaced because they smell. Here are a few suggestions for keeping your cart smelling fresher:

  • Bag all your trash. This will keep the cart cleaner
  • Partially fill the cart with water and add some bleach and let it sit for a day or two. Scrub and clean. The bleach will soak into the plastic and it will help to sanitize the cart.
  • Power wash it. We know some of you out there love an excuse to use the power washer.
  • Put a few moth balls in the bottom of the cart after every service. This helps with smells and also with keeping those pesky critters at bay. Of course, if you hate the smell of moth balls, we don't recommend this option.

What if my cart disappears?

As unlikely as it may seem, Curby Carts do get stolen occasionally. If your cart comes up missing, give Granger a call(1-888-9GRANGER -- 1-888-947-2643) or send a message to Granger to get a new cart (

What should I do if there's trash in my cart that isn't mine?

You may find that one of your neighbors is putting trash in your cart. You may have to play detective for a while, unfortunately.


If you happen to find some evidence (like a piece of mail with a name and address on it) in your trash, contact City Hall (517-625-6155)

Trash Disposal Option

As an option of disposing of large items and/or large amounts of other trash, residents are welcome to take items to the Southwest Shiawassee Waste Center, 1470 West Britton Road, midway between Perry and Morrice. Commonly known as the “Transfer Station,” the disposal station is operated by the Village of Morrice.

For current hours of operation, or more information call: (517) 625-7005 or visit their website.

Yard Waste
Wood Chips

Greater Laingsburg Recyclers

Phone: (517) 651-2005

The City of Perry is a proud supporter of the Greater Laingsburg Recyclers program.

The Greater Laingsburg Recyclers offers several drop-off recycling drives every month. Dates and times will be posted on their Facebook Page and website.

Dog Licenses
Low Income Household Water Assistance
Emergency Services


Phone Number



Police, Fire Ambulance

Emergency: 911

Non-Emergency: (989) 743-9111

Perry Police Department

(517) 625-3535

Perry Area Fire Rescue

(SSESA Fire-Ambulance)

(517) 625-7611


Shiawassee County Sheriff Dept.

(989) 743-9111


Michigan State Police

(989) 723-6761


Poison Control

(800) 222-1222

Shiawassee County Health Dept.

(989) 743-2318

Department of Public Works (DPW)

(517) 625-4500

Consumers Energy

(800) 477-5050


Miss Dig

(800) 482-7171


Shiawassee County Animal Control

(989) 743-2406


Emergency Assistance (Clothing, Food, Housing Utilities, etc)


Phone Number


Perry, Morrice, Shaftsburg Emergency Relief Council (Food Bank)

(517) 625-6155 Ext. 237

Central Michigan 2-1-1

(810) 232-6411

Baby Pantry

(989) 723-5877

American Red Cross

(989) 743-6227

Capital Area Community Services

(989) 725-7285

Department of Human Services

(989) 725-3200

Meals on Wheels

(989) 723-5211

Respite Volunteers of Shiawassee County

(989) 725-1127

Domestic and Sexual Violence Services Crisis Line

(989) 723-9716

(877) 952-7283

Salvation Army

(989) 725-7485

Women, Infants, and Children Corunna

(800) 859-4229

(989) 743-2383

Important Phone Numbers and Websites


Phone Number


Perry Community District Library

(517) 625-3166

Perry Post Office

(517) 625-6229

Morrice Senior Center

(517) 625-4270

Morrice Transfer Station

(517) 625-7005

Perry Public Schools

(517) 625-3108

Morrice Area Schools

(517) 625-3143

Internet/Phone/TV Service Providers

Availability Subject to Change


Phone Number


DayStarr Communications

(989) 720-6000

DISH Satellite TV

(833) 442-0620

HughesNet Satellite Internet

(855) 386-1643


TDS High-Speed Internet

(888) 233-0001

WOW! Internet

(855) 268-7106