City of Perry

Parks & Rec

2022 Park Planning Survey Results can be viewed HERE.

Join the effort to add play to the park!

The City of Perry maintains two public parks available for family fun, recreation and community events. Both Jubilee Park and Veterans’ Memorial Park pavilions may also be reserved/rented for family events.  

Visiting the park with your pet?  Both parks now offer pet waste stations for easy clean up.  Thank you for doing your part to keep our parks clean!

The Parks Committee holds meetings regularly to plan and take action on improving our parks and the amenities offered. Please check the calendar and join us when you can!  The city has a Five-Year Park Plan, that lays the framework for goals and projects to focus on.

Jubilee Park, located at the west end of Third street, south of the railroad tracks, is equipped with playground equipment, a pavilion with picnic tables, restrooms (available with pavilion rental) and a softball field. The George Dunn Fitness Loop was installed in 2022.

Veterans’ Memorial Park surrounds Perry City Hall, located at 203 West Polly Street, on the north side of the railroad tracks. This park is equipped with a softball field, sledding hill and pavilion with picnic tables and restrooms. It is also enhanced with Veterans’ Circle, a display of flags honoring the United States of America, POWs (Prisoners of War), and each of the military branches.

George Dunn Fitness Loop at Jubilee Park

Located at Jubilee Park, the George Dunn Fitness Loop offers a marked grass path following the perimeter of the park – roughly 1/3 a mile in length.

Along the path, you’ll find 5 exercise stations for users of all ages and abilities. There are also two benches on the path. Each station has a QR Code sticker. Scan the code with your smartphone’s camera to be directed to instructions for use.

Safety first, fitness second. Introduce yourself to all exercises gradually, avoiding undue stress. Slowly build the number of repetitions. Use equipment at your own risk.

Press Release of Loop Dedication

Free Sled Library at Veterans Memorial Park

Donated by the Parks Committee, the city now offers the community a Free Sled Library at Mudge Knob (sledding hill), southwest of city hall. 


Borrow a sled and return when done.