City of Perry

Ordinance Enforcement Officer


Phone: (517) 819-1626
Fax: (517) 625-6157

Hire Notice

The City of Perry is seeking a part time Ordinance Enforcement Officer. Must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Must have valid Michigan driver’s license and skilled in standard office equipment. Preferred knowledge and understanding with the legal system and liability related to ordinance enforcement. Background investigation and drug test will be required. Application and resume can be sent to City of Perry, Attn: Mayor, 203 W. Polly St., Perry, MI 48872, or apply in person.  Posting will remain open until filled.

About the Ordinance Enforcement Officer

The Ordinance Enforcement Officer (OEO) responsibilities include conducting on-site inspections throughout the City to determine compliance with the City’s zoning and codified ordinances. The OEO investigates potential violations, follows established procedures of consequences and non-compliance. The OEO maintains related records, and performs other related duties.