City of Perry

Natural Disaster Recovery – Donation Request

On August 11, 2023 the City of Perry suffered damages from an F-1 tornado. Many beautiful old trees were shattered or uprooted causing extensive damage to sidewalks and homes. There were several power poles sheared off and power-lines became tangled in the tree debris adding an extra element of danger to clean up efforts.

Even though the city’s DPW suffered destruction at 3 of the 4 buildings housing city equipment, they worked tirelessly clearing the streets, removing trees, cleaning up debris and making the city as safe as possible. To date the estimated expense for clean-up and restoration of tornado damage, NOT covered by insurance, exceeds $205,000. Since cleanup efforts are still in progress this total is expected to increase.

Some restoration will have to be scheduled in the future due to lack of funding. The expenses related to clean-up will have to be paid as services are provided since the city must contract with companies that have special equipment capable of removing the large amount of debris from damaged and uprooted trees.

The city had applied for Emergency Financial Aid from the State of Michigan, but was notified on Sept. 12 that the city will NOT be receiving any emergency relief funds as our request for assistance has been denied.

Donations to support expenses not covered by insurance would help to reduce the burden on the General Fund. Donations can be made to “City of Perry – Natural Disaster” and mailed to City Hall, 203 W. Polly St., Perry, MI  48872.

Questions can be directed to Mayor Sue Hammond at (517) 625-6155 or email

Posted: Sept. 13, 2023

Position Opening – Planning Commission

Effective Sept. 11, 2023 there is a vacancy on the City of Perry Planning Commission. This position is filled by Mayoral Appointment.  Candidates must reside in the City of Perry.

 The appointment is for a partial term expiring January 2025. 
The Planning Commission meets at 7:00 p.m. on the first Monday of the month, and more frequently if the need arises.  Commission members qualify for $15 compensation per meeting they are in attendance at.
If interested, please complete this application and/or Contact Mayor Sue Hammond: or phone 517-625-6155 ext. 231.
Posted Sept. 11, 2023

Emergency Notification System Update

Update Sept. 13, 2023:  The city has an operational emergency siren that will sound in the event of future need.  There is still work on going to add a second siren at a new location in the near future.

As a reminder, the fire department will test the emergency alert siren the first Saturday of the month.


On Friday, August 11, 2023, the city’s siren that is used to notify residents of severe weather was damaged and taken out of service by the tornado.

We have been in contact with West Shore, the company that services this equipment, to have it repaired but please be aware that until the equipment is repaired and in the event of future severe weather there is NO siren in the city limits to sound an alarm at this time.

Residents are urged to download a local news centers app as many of them feature an alert system.  Residents are also highly encouraged to join Smart 911 an alert system utilized county wide that can send direct messages via text or email when there is severe weather requiring a warning.

Information about how to sign up for Smart 911, and a more detailed description of its many benefits, can be found on the city’s website:

Updates will be shared as they become available.

Posted: Aug. 16, 2023

State of Emergency

Update Aug. 13, 2023:  DPW will begin curbside storm clean up Monday morning. Please have large items to the curb as soon as possible.  Please have patience as crews make their way around the city.

Update Aug. 12, 2023:  Power has been restored, there is no longer a need to limit sewer usage.

Update 9:35 PM: Limit sewer usage due to power outages and strain on pumping stations.

A state of emergency is declared for the City of Perry due to a tornado strike.

Many downed power lines and dangerous conditions. Please remain off the streets. STAY HOME AND STAY SAFE

We have no reports of injuries at this time.
Emergency personnel are on scene. Call 911 with emergencies or to report downed power lines.

More information will be provided when it is available.

Posted August 10, 2023

Update: City Code 3.30 Proposed Amendments

Updated Aug. 4, 2023

At the Aug. 3, 2023 City Council Meeting a motion was made, and approved, to

Postpone the possible adoption of Zoning Ordinance (ZO) 383 Section 3.30 Animals in Residential and Agricultural Districts for 120 days, issue a moratorium on enforcement of section 3.30 of the current ZO as it pertains to dogs and cats for 120 days – the balance of section 3.30 as it is currently written will remain in effect, and commission a six (6) member cross discipline task force to objectively research and develop a proposed update to section 3.30.  The 120 days will be used to address the concerns expressed with section 3.30 of the current ZO.


The following document highlights the proposed amendments to City of Perry Zoning Ordinance Section 3.30 Animals in Residential Districts.

This document is provided in strike-through and red format to highlight proposed changes made to the ordinance as adopted Dec. 15, 2016.

The second reading, and possible adoption, of these amendments will be on the Aug. 3, 2023 City Council Agenda.

Posted: July 27, 2023

Public Input Survey

The State of Michigan requires cities and towns to have a current Master Plan and City of Perry is updating ours.

We are seeking feedback from Perry residents, business owners, and those who use the city for work, shopping, and activities. We need to hear your thoughts and suggestions for how to make a better Perry in the future.

  • What new ideas for Perry do you think would enhance the quality of life?
  • What things are you most proud of in Perry?
  • What are some things you would like to see change in Perry?

Representatives of McKenna, the consultant assisting in this project, will be at the “Summer Fun Night” and welcome the opportunity to chat with you about our vision for Perry.  There will be a few interactive vision boards as well.

In addition to attending Summer Fun Night, we also encourage you to complete this community wide survey.

Take the survey and help us develop the Perry of the future that we all want to live in.  The survey will cover topics like quality housing, parks and recreation, transportation options, and commercial spaces- the City needs to hear from you. 

Posted July 12, 2023

Join our E-mail List

Contact Update Form

If you own, rent, or conduct business at a property located in the city limits or are connected to city services (water/sewer) please complete this form to update your account record. This information will be used to communicate timely if there is an issue with your utility account, alerts for hydrant flushing or water main breaks or as the need otherwise arises.

Please select the option that best fits your status:(Required)
Physical Address(Required)
By providing your e-mail address you agree to be added to electronic notifications from the City.
By providing your e-mail address you agree to be added to electronic notifications from the City.
City staff need to be able to make contact periodically with property owners or utility account holders.
Please provide a secondary number in case of emergency. An example of an emergency is if DPW needs to shut off water due to a visible leak at the property.

Posted: June 12, 2023

“Need to Know” Ordinance Updates

The Perry City Council, with the support of the Ordinance Committee, has been reviewing, clarifying, and updating the City’s ordinances.  Ordinances (both codified and zoning) define many of the rules and requirements that define the expectations for our city government, businesses, and residents.  They are intended to help maintain public health and safety, zoning, public morals, behavior and general welfare of the city.

Information regarding all the City’s ordinances can be found on our website.  Located using these links “Charter/Ordinances” or “Zoning Ordinances”).

The following are a few highlights of recently updated ordinances that everyone should review and take any necessary action to ensure their compliance:

Numbering of Buildings (Ordinance Chapter 1444)

(a)   All buildings in the City shall bear a distinctive street number at or near the front entrance of the premises (see optional locations in (c)).
(b)   The owners and occupants of all buildings in the City must have the correct numbers displayed in accordance with the street plan map. The numbers shall be not less than two inches wide and four inches high (see size exception in division (c) of this section) and shall be of contrasting colors to the building/mounting surface, facing the street and in such position as to be plainly visible from the adjacent street.
(c)   Acceptable street number locations are:
      (1)   Near the front entrance of the premises facing the street.
      (2)   On the street facing portion of an attached garage.
      (3)   On or near the resident’s mailbox facing the street or if on the side of the mailbox or post must be on both sides (only if single mailbox on same side of street and in front of premises). Numbers shall be not less than one and one-half inches wide and two inches high.
(4)   On an ornamental yard accessory facing the street in front of premises. Numbers must be clearly visible from the adjacent street at all times of the year.

Edging of Sidewalks (Ordinance Chapter 678.01)

No person shall allow any grass, weeds, or vegetation to encroach on any sidewalk which would reduce exposed sidewalk to less than 42 inches in width.

Noxious Weeds / Tall Grass-Vegetation (Chapter 678.01)


Nuisance Abatement – Debris / Junk / Trash (Chapter 678.05)


Junk Motor Vehicles (Chapter 678.01)

CHAPTER 696 Junk Motor Vehicles (

Noise – Barking Dogs (Chapter 670.03-j)

670.03 NOISE. (

Fireworks (Chapter 692.01)

692.01 FIREWORKS. (

Open Burning (Chapter 678.03)


Off Road Vehicles (ORV) (Chapter 490)

CHAPTER 490 Off-Road Vehicles (

Golf Carts on City Streets (Chapter 492)

CHAPTER 492 Golf Carts on City Streets (

Vehicle Parking Location (Zoning Ordinance – Section 7.05)

City of Perry Zoning Ordinance

All Night Parking (Chapter 412.10)

412.10 FEE SCHEDULE. (

Winter Parking (Chapter 412.11)

412.11 Winter Parking. (

Snow and Ice Removal from Sidewalks (Chapter 678.02-b)


Posted: June 2, 2023

I-69 Trade Corridor Representative Needed

There is an opening to represent the City of Perry on the I-69 International Trade Corridor group.

The I-69 International Trade Corridor is a collaborative effort by businesses and local government partners from Shiawassee, Genesee, Lapeer, and St. Clair Counties to market the area’s highway, railroad, airport and water port resources to companies that are engaged in international commerce. The goal is to encourage firms to not only ship through this corridor but to also set up manufacturing and distribution facilities here to take advantage of these multi-modal transportation opportunities.

To support this collaboration, a Next Michigan Development Corporation was created with participation from 36 municipalities in the four counties including 12 in Shiawassee County making it one of the largest intergovernmental collaboratives in the state of Michigan. The four counties of Shiawassee, Genesee, Lapeer and St. Clair are experiencing new initiatives that are increasing trade and transportation. The I-69 Trade Corridor resources can grow your business.

Visit: and to find out more information about Michigan’s 4-County Trade Cooperative for Economic Opportunity and Success.

This group meets once every two months. Meetings typically take place at Flint’s Bishop International Airport as this is a central location for the participating municipalities. More information about the meetings is available at Shiawassee Economic Development Authority in Owosso, 989-725-9241.

If you’re interested in representing the city, please fill out an application for appointment, here:

City residents and non-residents who are business owners in the city will be considered. Questions can also be directed to Mayor Hammond 517-625-6155, extension 231.

Posted: March 2, 2023