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 1st Place Winners * 227 East First Street

JOSH AND LYNDSEY BOHNARD (and family) of 227 East First Street, in Perry, were honored during the
Thursday, Dec. 20, Perry City Council meeting, as the first place winners of the
2018 Christmas Lights competition.
  Councilmember Karen Davis (left), and Councilmember Christopher Powell (right), presented the Bohnard family
with a check for $100.

 2nd Place Winners * 119 West First Street
SECOND PLACE HONORS went to Joel and Carol Crane of 119 West First Street, in Perry, for their wonderful
Christmas Lights Display exhibited during the 2018 Christmas Lights competition.
  Councilmember Karen Davis (left) and Christopher Powell (right) presented the Crane’s with their
prize winnings of $50.
  The Crane’s along with the first place winners were honored during the Thursday, Dec. 20, City Council meeting. 

 3rd Place Winners * 308 East Second Street

 Third place winners for 2018 are
Kristina Page and Todd Boettger,
 of 308 East Second Street.

 Congratulations to the 2018 Honorable Mentions

330 Oakwood Lane
John & Enza Hendzel

336 Oakwood Lane
Fred & Raddie Maurer
302 White Oak Lane
Jeff & Cynthia Vanvelzor

3201 West Britton Road
Jacob & Misty Miller

635 North Watkins Street
Richard & Judy Lewis

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
to Everyone from the City of Perry!


203 W. Polly St.
Perry, MI. 48872


(517) 625-6155
(517) 625-6157


8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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