City of Perry

Interested in running for Mayor or Council? Now is the time to get your petitions. Deadline April 19, 2022 at 4pm


Nominating petitions are now available at Perry City Hall for anyone interested in running for the following offices:

(3) Four-Year terms for a COUNCIL seat, term expiring Dec. 1, 2026

(1) Two-Year partial term for a COUNCIL seat, term expiring Dec. 1, 2024

(1) Two-Year term for MAYOR, term expiring Dec. 1, 2024

Persons desiring to qualify as candidates for any elective office shall file a petition therefor with the City, signed by not less than fifteen nor more than thirty registered electors of the Clerk, not later than the date and time for the filing of nominating petitions for State and County offices.  The form of the petition shall be substantially as that designated by the Secretary of State for the nomination of nonpartisan judicial officers.  A supply of official petition forms shall be provided and maintained by the Clerk.

The last day to file petitions is Tuesday, April 19, 2022, 4:00 p.m. for the August 2, 2022 primary.

Note:  A primary election will be held on Tuesday, August 2, 2022, if more than two nominating petitions are filed for one of the above seats.  If no primary is needed, the election will be November 8, 2022 general election.

The polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 pm.

For more information regarding elections, visit the City Clerks page.

Devin Miller, City Clerk

City Wide Clean Up Week May 23-27, 2022

City residents wishing to participate in the annual City wide clean up may do so May 23rd through May 27th.

The FREE pick up of miscellaneous bulk items (items that are too large to place in your trash receptacle) and extra trash will be Monday, May 23rd.

Residents MUST place items curbside by 7 am, on Monday, May, 23rd.

  • All items that will fit, must be bagged or boxed.
  • Trash bags cannot be heavier than 35 pounds.
  • Boxes must be broken down and duct taped or tied.
  • All heavy bulk items must be at the curb by 7 am, Monday, May 23rd.

All items must be preregistered.  Preregister all items (other than the regular household trash) for pick up by noon Friday, May 20th. Items not registered will not be picked up.

Wednesday, May 25th through Friday, May 27th pick up will be as follows:


  • There is a FEE for items picked up Wednesday through Friday.
  • All items need to be registered. Call City Hall for pricing and registration.
  • Wednesday – May 25th – South of the railroad tracks.
  • Thursday – May 26th – North of the railroad tracks.
  • Friday – May 27th – Final sweep of the city.

Items not accepted:  batteries, sewage, yard trimmings, tires, hazardous waste, liquids, radioactive materials, drum/barrels that are not empty, compressed gas cylinders (including propane), ignitable, corrosive, reactive or toxic materials, medical waste, asbestos, demolition materials or wood.

Call City Hall to register items at 517-625-6155 ext. 226 or email to