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DPW Mission

The DPW is on-call around the clock to maintain the infrastructure that supports the  daily life of City residents.
The water system, streets and public services in our community are managed with the  highest consideration for 
quality, convenience and efficiency.




DPW Superintendent John Souder

     DPW Superintendent John Souder and his staff are available to see
that services in the City are maintained at the level residents expect.
His first priority is "Service to the Community."

    The dedicated team working in the field to provide service to City
     residents is comprised of Superintendent John Souder,
Eric Smith, Tony Davis,
Tim Beduhn and Colton Dietz.

Phone: (517) 625- 4500



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2019 Water
Quality Report

Lead & Copper
Monitoring Report

Test Results for
Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl


Location and Hours
The Department of Public Works is headquartered at the southwest end of Lamb Street
immediately west of City Hall.
DPW Staff is on duty 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. In addition, a staff member is
always on call for emergencies.
To contact the DPW, persons may call (517) 625-4500, 24-hours a day.
New Rule: Yard Waste Disposal
(Effective January 1, 2020)

Rules and Regulations for Section 4 of Ordinance No. 235

The Rules and Regulations listed below were effective January 1, 2020:

       Yard Waste -

             1. Collection. Yard Waste shall be collected beginning the first week of April through the last
        week of November, 
pending weather permitting and holidays, according to the following rules:

       All materials for collection shall be placed at the edge of the street no later than 7:30 a.m. of the day
       scheduled for collection (see yearly calendar on city website at for pick up dates)
       and not sooner than the day before the scheduled collection, except for fall leaf pick up.

       *NOTE: Piles with pet waste will not be picked up.

            2. Loose Leaf Collection will be done in the month of April and begin again in
      October through the end of November.

            3. During the month of May through the end of September, all ELIGIBLE YARD WASTE items below
      must be placed in a DISPOSABLE PAPER YARD WASTE BAG, which include the following items:

a) Grass clippings

b) Garden waste

c) Leaves

d) Twigs

e) Pinecones

                      f) Walnuts
                g) Apples

             4. Eligible items to be Chipped include:

a) Branches-4 inches in diameter(maximum) and 8 foot in length. (April through November)

b) Christmas Trees (January)

             5. Ineligible items to be picked up:

 a) Plastic bags

 b) *Black Top

 c) Lumber/Building material (not eligible with Granger)

 d) *Bricks

 e) *Concrete

        (Note: Items * can be picked up in small quantities or delivered to the DPW yard during
        City’s Clean-up Week 
and must be scheduled for pick-up.)


              6. Guidelines.

 a) All eligible yard waste material shall be placed in paper bags with a maximum weight of 35-lbs.
during the month of May through September.

 b) LOOSE LEAVES ONLY (SPRING collection) may be left at the edge of the street during the
month of APRIL. 

     There will be no specific pick up date scheduled. This will be done as needed and
weather permitting.

 c) LOOSE LEAVES ONLY (FALL collection) may be left at the edge of the street beginning the
first week in OCTOBER THROUGH THE END OF NOVEMBER. There will be no specific pickup
date scheduled. This will be done as needed and weather permitting.

 d) Whole CHRISTMAS TREES will be collected in JANUARY.

 e) Not more than one (1) pickup truck load of BRUSH AND LIMBS shall be set out for collection at
any one address for each collection.

  f) Trees cut by a contractor shall not be eligible for collection. Depending upon volume, the
Superintendent of Public Works may authorize disposal of said materials at the City DPW Lot.

IMPORTANT: Also Click Here to Read the Amendment to Ordinance 235 Section 4 to provide for
Opt-Out of Yard Waste Service for Non-Residential Properties (ONLY) - Effective October 1, 2020


For additional information, call:
Perry City Hall * 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday * Ph: (517) 625-4500
Or log onto the City Website:

** Click Calendar to Enlarge/Print **

** Paper Refuse bags are available locally at Darling Hardware **
Snow Removal ~ Parking Prohibited
Overnight Parking is PROHIBITED 3 a.m. to 6 p.m. on City streets, in public parking lots and in
road right-of-ways.
To facilitate Snow Removal by the DPW, special enforcement of this ordinance is practiced from
November 1st through April 1st.
Businesses and residents are responsible for the removal of snow and ice on sidewalks
abutting their property.

Hydrant Flushing
Hydrant flushing is done on a routine basis, as determined by the DPW Superintendent.
Whenever possible, hydrants are flushed as needed beginning in April and ending in October.
When needed, hydrant flushing is scheduled the third week of the flushing month.

In 2019, DPW will FLUSH HYDRANTS on an as-needed basis following a four-day schedule
beginning Monday, April 22.

When Flushing, the 4-Day Schedule is comprised of:
Monday – North of the Tracks on the West side of M-52
Tuesday – North of the Tracks on the East side of M-52 and all of Lansing Road
Wednesday – South of the Tracks on East side of M-52
Thursday – Ruppert Road to Bath to the Oaks Subdivision – 
Through the Subdivision to Country Estates Subdivision (Bath Road) Back to Williams –
Down to Third and All the property on the West Side of M-52

When the Hydrants are being Flushed - USE EXTRA CAUTION WHEN DOING LAUNDRY!!
Wood Chips
The City maintains a Wood Chip Pile for residents use. Residents may load their own chips or
DPW personnel will load the chips in a truck or trailer at a cost of $2 per (equipment) bucket.

Hours to have wood chips loaded in your vehicle are 7:30 to 8 a.m. or 2:45 to 3:15 p.m.
Please contact the DPW 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. to arrange an appointment.

Water System and Water Quality
The City of Perry Water System has a 200,000-gallon storage tank and an average daily flow of about
210,000-gallons which increases during warmer weather. The water system is monitored daily to assure
the highest quality of water possible, and to meet standards set by the
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.


Meter Reading has been updated with time-saving devices added to all water meters.
This device (transponder) allows the meter to be read from the road via radio transmission
to a 
handheld computer.

This process has allowed staff to dedicate more time on regular maintenance and less time
door-to-door to read meters.

City of Perry Sewer System
The City of Perry Sewer System, maintained by the DPW, is comprised of seven pump stations
located throughout the city, which requires constant monitoring and maintenance to assure
continuous 24-7 operation.

The DPW staff also maintains a Lagoon system on Bath Road near the railroad tracks, which also
requires constant maintenance to assure proper operation. In early Spring, when the ice melts, the
warmer water rises to the top of the pond. Because this is a natural process, there usually
is an odor emitted. This is called the 'rollover,' and should only last a few days.
Necessary steps are always taken to assure this process occurs quickly so the odor problem is
 present for the shortest time possible.
For questions or concerns about the City sewer system and how it operates, please call
Superintendent John Souder, (517) 625-4500.


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