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Perry is located immediately south of the I-69/M-52 Interchange, midway between
Lansing and Flint.

The City of Perry is a Home Rule City governed by a 6-Member Council and Mayor.
Election of all City officers is on a non-partisan basis.

The City maintains municipal water and sewer as well as trash removal for its residents.
Other services include a police department, fire department and public library.
The Perry Public School District provides Pre-K through 12th grade education for students.

In 2010, the U.S. Census recorded 2,188 residents living in the City of Perry.

   Mayor James A. Huguelet  
James became Mayor for the
City of Perry in 
September 2013 and
was consecutively elected to serve
2-Year terms in 2014, 2016 

and 2018.

Before serving as Mayor, James
served nearly six 
years as a
member of the Perry City Council.

James is a Certified Public Accountant
licensed in the state of Michigan.
He is a Perry High School graduate
and long serving member
of the Community.
E-Mail: jhuguelet@perry.mi.us
Phone: (517) 881-3878
2-Year Term Expires  in 2020

Over the years James has served
with the  Zoning Board of Appeals,
Local Officer's Compensation
Committee, Perry Schools
Curriculum Council and represented
the City as a
member of the SATA Board.

James lives in Perry with his wife,
Karen and son Andrew, who is a
graduate student at
Western Michigan University
working on a Masters degree in
Social Work.

  Mayor Pro-Tem Michael Queen   
  A General Motors employee for more
than 16 years, Michael Queen
currently works as a member of the
Future Product Launch team.

He graduated from Waterford
Kettering High School in 1998 and
is currently pursuing a
Bachelor Degree in Business.

Michael and his wife, Jennifer have
been married for more than
15-years, and have one son, Logan.

They have lived in the Perry-area
for more than five years.

E-mail: mqueen@perry.mi.us
Phone: (517) 290-8983
Term Expires: 2020

In his spare time, Michael enjoys
classic vehicles and old
houses as well as 
spending quality
 time with family and 

He noted that he appreciates the
opportunity to serve his community
and help the City grow.

Michael was appointed to fill the
vacant Council seat by motion of the
City Council,
Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015,
and elected to a Council
seat in 2016.
His term will expire with the
November 2020 General Election.

*Note: The Mayor Pro-Tem is appointed every two years by the incoming Mayor and approved by the seated Council Members

   Council Member Mindy Galbavi  

Mindy has lived in Perry her entire life and
graduated from Perry High School in 1973.

She and her husband Tom, have been
married 47 years and have
two daughters and four grandchildren.

Mindy has worked as a receptionist/office
assistant at Cedar Creek Vet Clinic in
Williamston for 20 years.

E-Mail: mgalbavi@perry.mi.us
Phone: (517) 625-3471
Term Expires: 2020

  She is an active member of the
Perry United Methodist Church and
enjoys volunteering for mission
projects such as Bingo at the
Olive Branch in Perry.

Until her appointment to City Council
on May 16, 2019, Mindy served on the
City of Perry Planning Commission
for 23 years and has been secretary
for the last 2-1/2 years.

In her spare time, she enjoys time
with her family, crafting, especially
paper crafting and gardening.

   Council Member Terry Wood  
  Terry has been a Perry resident for more than
and lived in the
Perry-area for more than 30-years.

He retired from General Motors, served as a
union representative 
for 15-years, and
served  in the U.S. Army during the

A divorced father of three and grandfather
of four, Terry has 
donated time as a coach
and umpire for summer recreation
basketball and  softball programs as well
as high school softball 
and girls’  youth
basketball programs.

On March 7, 2006, Terry was appointed to fill
a vacancy on the 
Perry City Council; and
elected to a four-year term in November 2006.

Phone: (517) 625-6155
Term Expires: 2020

    In 2010, he won his bid for a two-year
term, which expired in 2012.

Following a brief hiatus, Terry was
appointed to the Council in
October 2013, to fill the  balance
of a two-year term, 
which expired in
November 2014, at which time
he was re-elected.

In 2016, he was re-elected to a
four-year term, which will
expire in 2020.

Terry enjoys being a Council member
because he enjoys 
helping people
and serving his community.

   Council Member Christopher Powell

Christopher served as a paratrooper in
the U.S. Army for three years.
He and his wife, Robin, have been
married for more than 32 years.

In 1988, Christopher moved to Perry with
his  wife and three children
Nicole, Nicholas and Cody.

As an active father, Christopher coached
his sons in baseball for eight years and
rarely missed any of his daughters
activities, including: track, volleyball and

E-Mail: cpowell@perry.mi.us
Phone: (517) 721-9274
Term Expires: 2020


Now disabled, Christopher wishes he
was able to play with his two grandsons,
Tyger, of Perry and Trenton, of Leslie.

Christopher Powell was appointed
Thursday, April 2, 2015,
by Mayor James A. Huguelet 
to fill the
Perry City Council seat left vacant with

of a resignation.

His term expired in the 
November 2016
General Election,
at which time he was re-elected to
another four-year term to
expire in 2020.

 Council Member Kraig Elliott
 Kraig, a small business owner, has lived
in Perry with his family for more than
four years.

He has been married to his wife, Anne,
for 25 years and together they
have 7 children.

He was elected to the city council in the
November 2018 to serve a
four-year term.

Kraig was born in California and 
grew up in Texas where he 
from high school 
in 1991.

Kraig attended Bible college in
Pennsylvania before completing his
degree in Florida at Florida Gulf Coast
University with a B.S. in
Secondary Education.


E-Mail: kelliott@perry.mi.us
Phone: (715) 441-7687
Term Expires: 2022


He worked in public and private schools
 in Florida, Missouri, Arizona and Iowa.
During that time, he had the opportunity
to serve as a teacher, counselor and
high school administrator.
Kraig also coached football, basketball,
and track for 12 years.

Kraig spent most of the last 10 years
as a pastor and small business owner.
He currently serves as the teaching
elder of a local congregation while he
and his wife continue growing
their business.

When not spending time with his wife,
kids, and church family, Kraig
enjoys football, woodworking, restoring
furniture, and studying theology, history,
and graphic/interior design.

  Council Member Adam Grass
Adam was born and raised in a small town
in Ohio and made 
his way north
when he met his 
wife, Tracie, of Corunna.

They have been married for 10 years and
have lived in Perry since 2015.

Adam became part of the SATA board
in 2017 and was elected in 2018
to Council to serve a four-year term.
E-Mail: agrass@perry.mi.us
Phone: (248) 464-2644
Term Expires: 2022

  Mr. Grass has enjoyed getting to know the
townspeople through his church,
council meetings and through activities
with his three young children.

When he's not with his family, or
studying and working at the church,
you might find him relaxing at a local golf
course, enjoying creation and working
on his swing.

Perry City Council meetings are held at 7 p.m. the first and third Thursday of each month, unless otherwise posted.
Council Chambers are located in the lower level of Perry City Hall, 203 W. Polly Street.
Enter on the east side of the building.
All meetings are held in accordance with the Open Meetings Act.