Applications, Forms and Permits
    The following Forms are available in .pdf format and may be downloaded by clicking on the
name of the Form.    
Completed forms may be delivered to:
Perry City Hall, 203 West Polly Street, Perry, MI
Permits are also available at City Hall 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday
Phone: (517) 625-6155 * Fax: (517) 625-6157 * E-Mail:

Some Forms and Applications listed below are Interactive -

Note: Interactive Forms in this section Must Be Downloaded and
Saved as a .pdf (only) to your Computer before filling in the blanks.
 The form can be Completed and Printed online however, you will not be able to Save it.

To begin typing, click in any highlighted-area.
Completed documents may be Returned by Mail, Fax or E-Mail.
If form is E-mailed or Faxed, customers need to call City Hall to
make arrangements to Pay Fees before the process for the Requested Permit Begins!
*** E-Mail Completed Forms to: ***

   *** City of Perry Fee Schedule  ***   
Click Link Above for Fees
(Updated 07-06-21)
City Clerk

   For Fees Scroll Up to
   "City of Perry Application
   Forms & Fee Schedule"

  FOIA Request (Freedom of Information Act) -
                             Guideline & Procedure (Rev. 04-23-19)
  FOIA Request Detailed Cost Itemization (Rev. 04-23-19)
  FOIA Request Form (Rev. 04-23-19)
  Business Registration (Rev. 12-11-2020)
  Election Inspector Information
  Election Inspector Application

  Voter's Registration
  Therapy Animals License Application - Interactive
  Therapy Animals License Fee
  Ordinance No. 330 - Therapy Animals (Adopted April 4, 2015)

  Homeowner's Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) Affidavit
  Request to Rescind Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) - Interactive
  Disabled Veteran Exemption Affidavit - Interactive
  Petition to Board of Review - Interactive 
  Poverty Exemption Application
 - Interactive
  Poverty Exemption Affidavit - Interactive
  Poverty Guidelines Eligibility Req.
  Poverty Exemptions Guidelines Resolution

  Building Inspector

   For Fees Scroll Up to
   "City of Perry Application
   Forms & Fee Schedule"

  Building Permit Application (Rev. 08-24-17) - Interactive

  Electrical Permit Fees and Application
  Mechanical Permit Fees and Application
  Plumbing Permit Fees and Application

Facility Rental

    NOTE: Please Submit
    2 Separate Checks
    when Renting Facilities -
    1 for Deposit Fee and 1 for Rental Fee

    For Fees -
    Scroll Up to
    "City of Perry Application
    Forms & Fee Schedule"

  Community Room  and Council Chambers Rental Policy - (Updated. 07-01-21)
  Community Room and Council Chambers Rental Fees - (Eff. 07-01-21)
  Community Room and Council Chambers Rental App. - Interactive - (Rev. 8-1-18)

  Projector Rental Agreement - Interactive - (07-01-21)  

  Rental Deposit Form (Debit/Credit Card) - Interactive - (Updated 08-10-20)

  Pavilion - Ball Field Facility Use Policy (Rev. 11-05-20)
  Pavilion - Ball Field Rental Fees (Updated 11-05-20)

  Pavilion - Ball Field Rental Application 
(Rev. 11-05-20) - Interactive


   For Fees -
   Scroll Up to
   "City of Perry Application
   Forms & Fee Schedule"
  Animal Permit Application (Rev. 03-12-18)
 - Interactive

  Driveway Approach/Sidewalk Permit  (Rev. 10-06-21) - Interactive
  *** Must Also Submit a Zoning Permit (See Below)

  Planned Unit Dev. (PUD) Rezoning App. Process (Rev. 06-01-17)
  Planned Unit Dev. (PUD) Application (Rev. 06-01-17) - Interactive

  Rezoning Petition Process (Rev. 10-16-19)
  Rezoning Petition Application (Rev. Oct. '19) - Interactive

  Sign Permit Application Process (Rev. 06-012-19)
  Sign Permit Application (Rev. 10-4-18) - Interactive

  Site Plan Review Process (Updated 07-23-20)
  Site Plan Review Application- All One Form (Rev. July 2020) - Interactive

  Special Land Use Application Process (Rev. 06-01-17)
  Special Land Use (SLU) Application (Rev. 06-01-17) - Interactive

  Temporary Stay Permit Application (Rev. 06-01-17) - Interactive
  Temporary Use Process
  Temporary Use Application - Interactive

  Zoning Permit Application Process (Rev. 06-07-19)
  Zoning Permit Application (Rev. 05-25-21) - Interactive


   Application for Appeal (Zoning Board of Appeals) (Rev. 06-01-17) - Interactive
   Request for Variance (Zoning Board of Appeals) (Rev. 06-01-17) - Interactive

  Misc. Forms

  "Keep It Flowing" Donation ProgramInteractive
  Trash Opt-Out Form (Commercial Accounts Only) -
  Yard Waste Opt-Out Form (Commercial Accounts Only) - Interactive
  Direct Debit Autho
rization Form
  LED Sign Use Request Form

  Application for Employment


  2012 Tax Parcel Map - Printable - 11" X 17"
  2012 Tax Parcel Map - Large - 36" X 48"
  2016 City of Perry Zoning Map - Printable - 11" X 17"
  2017 Address Map

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