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Building Inspector Rob Kehoe
Cell Phone: (810) 516-1191 ***** Fax: (517) 625-6157
  In addition to the City of Perry, Rob serves as Building Inspector
for multiple communities
in Genesee, Saginaw and Shiawassee counties.

Rob and his wife, Jeanette, who reside in Flushing,
have two children.

Rob is in his Perry Office
1:00 to 2:00 p.m. Monday and Wednesday. 
For more information, Visit Rob's Website:
In May 2003, Perry City Council approved Ordinance No. 269 transferring authority of the
City’s Building Inspection 
responsibilities from the Shiawassee County Building Department to the
newly created 
City of Perry Building Department.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  When is a permit required?
Permits are required when there is new construction to a building as well as some repair work or alteration to an existing structure.
In addition, when a building is to be remodeled or enlarged, a permit shall be required. New work consists of any new construction,
commercial or residential, from vacant ground to completed new structure.
Projects that are cosmetic, such as new wallpaper, carpet, paint, cabinets or trim work, do not require a permit.
Please contact the Building Inspections Department for any questions concerning your specific project. 

2.  Does a building permit cover electrical/plumbing and mechanical work?
No. Each permit is a separate action. Since each project is unique, please call our office to determine what permits may be
necessary for your project.

3.  How long does the review process take on a residential project?
Garages, pools, decks, additions, etc. are usually done while you wait if you have all of the necessary paper work.
A new house takes about one to two days.

4.  How long does the review process take on commercial/industrial projects?
New projects/ multi-family/parking lots or new additions vary depending on factors such as complex design, size, completeness
of design documents, other agency approval, etc. Please contact us with specific questions.

5.  When do you need a site plan approval through the Planning Department or Planning Commission?
Site plan review is required for any purposed development except single family housing. Contact the Planning Department at City Hall.

6.  What construction can begin on a building before issuance of a building permit?
Site grading can occur prior to receipt of a building permit, however, if the grading area is over one acre in size or within 500' of a
stream, lake, wetland, etc. a soil erosion permit may be required from the Shiawassee County.

7.  Do I need a building permit for siding, roofing, and window replacement?
In Perry yes you do need a permit for this.

8.  Is a building permit required for a swimming pool or hot tub?
Building and electrical permit may be required. However you do need a zoning permit.

9.  Is a building permit required to finish part of my basement?
Yes, enclosing areas in your basement can affect the safe operation of your existing mechanical equipment such as the furnace and
home water heater as well as affecting light and ventilation requirements. Creating sleeping room also requires at least one
emergency exit egress window in each room. Electrical permits may be required too.

10.  Is a building permit required to build an exterior deck?
Yes, the deck must meet code requirements in order to support loads form people, equipment, accessories, etc.
Many home improvements stores/lumber yards will provide you with computer software designed construction documents
that often can be submitted along with a permit application and site plan.
Be sure to advise the deck designer and note on plans if you intend to have unusually heavy accessories on a deck such as a hot tub.
They can design the deck to support additional loads.

11.  Is a permit required for a new furnace, central air unit, hot water heater, pre-manufactured fireplace, wood stove,
 gas log fireplace, wall heater, etc.?
Yes, a mechanical permit is required. It can be issued to a licensed mechanical contractor or homeowner.

12.  Is a permit required for an electrical service panel upgrade?
Yes, an electrical permit is required.  It can be issues to a licensed electrical contractor or homeowner.



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