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Deferment of Summer Tax Application    Tax and Assessment Information 
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City Treasurer Jo Ann Velting
Ph: (517) 625-6155 Ext. 225 * Fx: (517) 625-6157 * E-Mail: treasurer@perry.mi.us
 Jo Ann is a lifelong resident of Perry
and graduate of Perry High School.
She has served as City Treasurer for
more than 24-years.

As treasurer, Jo Ann is responsible
for Collecting Taxes, Quarterly
Budget Reports, Audit Preparation
and maintaining all
Financial Records.
       She also serves as Chairman
of the Perry Building Authority.

Jo Ann is married with three
adult children
and two grandchildren.

             She is family-oriented and loves
scrapbooking, crafts and being
creative with stained glass. 

NOTE: Both Utility and Tax bills may now be Paid at City Hall or Over the Phone with a Debit or Credit Card.

A Nominal Fee of 3% or minimum of $2.00 is charged for utilizing this payment option, which is

not collected by the City of Perry. (2-24-15)

Property Taxes

  Summer Property Taxes may be paid at Perry City Hall through Friday, Oct. 2, 2017, without penalty.
1 percent interest will be added after Oct. 2. After Feb. 14, 2018 Tax, a 4% Penalty will be added. 

Winter Property Taxes will be mailed Thursday, Dec. 1, 2017. Taxes may be paid at City Hall through
March 1, 2018;   However, a 4 percent penalty will be added after Feb. 14. 

After Feb. 28, taxes MUST BE PAID at the Shiawassee County Treasurer's Office in Corunna.

  Postmarks are Not Accepted as Date of payment!

  City Hall, located at 203 West Polly Street, is open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The City of Perry's Financial Summary and Dashboard
 Citizen's Guide
The Municipal Financial Summary contents are 
intended as a means to provide
and accountability to citizens regarding the
municipal budget and finances.
Within this area 
you will find various kinds of summarized and 
detailed information
for multiple years including 
both tabular and graphical representations 
of the data.
Municipal Performance Dashboard
 The Municipal Performance Dashboard includes financial and operating measure
important to the 
government and its citizens. This data includes a current and
prior year overview comparison as 
well as charts and graphs that allow you to
view trends over multiple years.
Areas of focus include:
* Fiscal Stability * Economic Strength * Public Safety * Quality of Life *
 Michigan Community Financial Dashboard
A dashboard with easy-to-use, visual data regarding the City of Perry