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Perry City Council finalized plans April 2, 2015 for a new award program to recognize excellence of residents
in maintaining their home and yard, 
thus generating “Perry Pride.”
The new award program, initiated by Mayor Pro-tem Tom Chaput, has been established as a  6-year program with
award plaques being presented 
each year, May through October.
In recognition of the monthly winner, the selected “Perry Pride” resident will receive an engraved plaque,
sponsored by Darling Hardware, 
as well as having their name engraved upon a larger plaque to be permanently
displayed at City Hall.

 The winner will also be invited to attend 
a council meeting to be thanked and recognized publicly.
To judge the subjective award, council members have designated and approved six different areas
(neighborhoods) within the city.
A different council member will be assigned each month to judge one of the neighborhoods (that he/she) does
not live in. 
If interested, residents may also provide input regarding who the next winner should be.
  It should also be noted that the monthly “Put Your Best Face Forward” award presented to businesses
within the City of Perry will be selected by the same council member as the Perry Pride award recipient.
    For additional information regarding either award, persons may call Perry City Hall,
8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, (517) 625-6155.

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